The products we offer include the following:

Extended cover - Should the vehicle be damaged beyond compare, written off or stolen and the payment by the comprehensive insurer is not sufficient to settle the amount owing to the financial institution extended cover will settle the balance.

Credit Life – Insuring your piece of mind. In the event of a catastrophe credit life will pay your facility. It provides immediate cover once you have signed for the plan and will give you piece of mind in time of trauma. Credit life prevents estate complications and estate duties and offers extended cover when multiple lives are signatures to their credit agreement. It also prevents the facility from escalating during loss of income due to temporary disability or loss of employment. The plan avoids having to use existing insurance policies to pay the facility.

Mechanical Warranties – It provides the motorist with additional protections and peace of mind. Items that are covered range from engine components to breaking systems. Mechanical warranties are like medical aid for your car. Call our Business Manager for assistance on these products.

Mini Body Repair Cover – This is cover provided for the claims that falls within the client’s excess and not repaired by ones underlying insurer. No pre-inspection is necessary and there is no limit on the size of the damage.

Datadot - Provides your vehicle with a unique identification number 10000 datadots is printed onto your vehicle in at least 88 different positions making your vehicle and its components useless to thieves. Datadot is maintenance free and will add constant protection from theft, make your investment now.

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