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Mazda East Rand has been in the industry for the past 36 years and is committed to earning our customers loyalty and trust through superior service. In addition to the standard services and features we provide we would like to we would like to recommend the following products that will enhance your vehicle owning experience. Please speak to the Business Manager at Mazda East Rand who will be more than happy to assist you.

We pride ourselves in excellent service and are committed to providing it to you our valued client.

We would like to ensure that your sales and service experience is a happy one. Please contact us should you have any comments. We at Mazda East Rand are proud to have made your vehicle purchasing experience an unforgettable one. We rely heavily on personal referrals so if you know anyone interested in a New or Used vehicle please recommend Mazda East Rand. We wish you many satisfying and safe hours on the road ahead.

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